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What Is PAN?

PAN is short form of Permanent Account Number which is basically a 10 digit number (alphanumeric), issued by the Income Tax Pan Card Department,  to  the Indian Citizen in form of card which is laminated.

Why do we need to have a PAN card?

It is an absolute mandate to quote PAN No. when one file returns of their income and all the correspondence with the income tax department. Since January 1, 2005 it became mandatory to mention PAN on the tokens or challans to make any payments which are due from your side to IT Department.

Mentioning the PAN Number is compulsory to be quote in any documents related to financial transactions which has been notified by the Direct Tax Department of Central Government from time-to-time. Some such financial transactions are mentioned such as purchase and sale of motor vehicle or immovable property or cash payments (amounts exceeding 25,000 INR to restaurants and hotels or related to travel to any place outside India.

Detailed guidelines for AO registration online

Details of AO

  • Mention Account Office Identification Number (AIN).
  • Mention the TAN (optional)
  • Mention an appropriate Category of AO from the option.
  • Mention the Name of Account Office
  • Mention the Name of the Ministry
  • Mention the Sub Ministry
  •  Mention Others (Sub Ministry)if that is so.
  •  Mention the PAO Code which is optional
  • Mention the PAO Registration no. which is optional.
  • Mention State of the AO Category.

 Contact Details of the AO

  • Mention the details of demographic  for AO. i.e. detailed address.
  • Mention the STD Code & Phone No since the same can or will be taken into account for communication subsequently
  •  Mention the Mobile No. which is optional since the same can or will be taken into account for communication subsequently
  • Mention one e-mail ID at least. Also Mention detailed designation & Name of the Responsible person.

Details of the Form

  • Mention the 15 digit PRN (Provisional Receipt Number) in the Form 24G
  • Mention the PRN Date
  • Mention the Count of the DDO records which are present in the 24G Form.
  • Mention Total the TDS/TCS that have been remitted to government .

AIN account details

  • Select an User ID & Password to make AIN account operational.
  • Note Password is always case sensitive.
  • Password must have minimum eight characters while the maximum can be 14 characters.
  • Preserve the specific user ID & password provided.
  • Select a Security question & its corresponding answer
  • Preserve that security question with the corresponding answer.

Generation of AO registration no. of Acknowledgement

  • After all the information is filled up, click on the “Submit” button. After submission of the details, if there is any errors which are provided then rectify & re-submit the same.
  • While confirming. The screen will display with all the entered data by the user. Then the same have option either to be edited or confirmed.
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