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It is important for all the taxpayers or persons required to furnish a return of income to possess PAN. Apart from this any person intending to enter into financial transaction where quoting PAN is mandatory must also possess PAN.

In order to apply for online PAN card and various other activities related to PAN card the link can be used.
The various PAN card services provided are:

  • New PAN Card Services: The charge for making new PAN Card is Rs 120/-.
  • PAN CARD Correction Services: Various correction services like PAN card Reprint, Duplicate PAN Card making, Correction of Name, Photographs, replacement of black and white PAN card by color. The charge for the correction service are Rs 150/-.
  • Verify PAN No. by Name and PAN Number: The site also provides facility for verification of PAN details by paying RS 20/-.

The site also has a download section which allows downloading PAN Application Form (Form 49A) and also contains Application Form for PAN Correction.

PAN card tracking

The status of PAN card can be tracked by using the following link

The acknowledgement number, Name and date of birth are required to be fed to generate the information about PAN card status.

Apply PAN card through UTI

PAN card can also be made through UTI services in the link This link helps to make fresh PAN cards for people who do not have or held a PAN card before.

The charges for new PAN card is Rs 96/- for resident Indians and Rs 962/- for Non Resident Indians.

PAN Card Tracking

The status of PAN card applied through UTI can be tracked by using the following link

The application number and the coupon number are required for tracking the PAN card status.

Importance and Uses of PAN Card

The primary objective of PAN is to create a common platform for identification of any financial transaction. The PAN number does not get affected by change of address. PAN card is a financial document which tells about the financial status of a person. His earnings, tax deducted and Income tax return for the financial year. PAN card can be used as a Photo Identity card for various requirements.

Through all these steps, one can easily get knowledge about the processing of the Pan Card in a convenient and simple. So it’s time to take advantage of this opportunity.

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