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PAN Card

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What is A Pan Card?

A Pan card or “Permanent Account Number Card” can rightly be called one of the most important documents required for any financial transaction. A Pan Card Details are a photo Identity Card that carries 10 digits alphanumeric Unique Number for every card holder. The card is issued by Ministry of Finance (Government of India) and is allotted for the purpose of identification purposes and record.

Who Can Apply And When To Apply For A Pan Card:

There is no age limit to apply for a Pan Card. In case of a minor he or she should be represented through a Representative Assesses. The minor should be represented by his/her parent or natural guardian. Any individual whose income exceeds the basic exemption limit is supposed to and should apply for Pan Card.

The application should be ideally done by May 31 of the relevant assessment year.

  • Any person whose turnover or gross receipts exceed Rs 500,000.
  • Charitable Trusts should apply for Pan Card as Pan Card Details are important for an accounting year.
  • Importers, exporters and those applying for registration under the Central Excise Rules, 1944, Service Tax Rules, 1994, Central Sales Tax Act or the State Sales Tax law also have to apply for the Pan Card.

Exceptions for those who are not required to have a Pan Card India:

   1. Any persons who has agricultural income and no taxable income.

   2. Non-residents Indians

   3. Central Government, State Governments and Consular Offices in transactions in which they are the payers.

Where is a Pan Card Information Required?

  1. For Sale or purchase of immovable property valued at Rs 500,000 or more Pan Card Details are important.
  2. Sale or purchase of a motor vehicle requiring registration other than two-wheelers the owner would necessarily need to provide Pan Card Information.
  3. Deposit of more than Rs 50,000 with any banking company or with post-office savings bank the individual would need to provide Pan Card Information.
  4. Contract of sale or purchase of securities exceeding Rs 1 lakh in value, including shares, bonds, debentures etc.
  5. Cash payment of Rs 50,000 or more for purchase of bank drafts; pay orders or bankers cheques during any one day the individual would need to produce information given by Pan Card India .
  6. Cash payment exceeding Rs 25,000 in connection with travel to any foreign country.
  7. Installation of telephone, including cellular telephone.
  8. Payment to hotels and restaurants exceeding Rs 25,000 at any one time.
  9. Opening a bank account.
  10. Application for credit card.
  11. Indian Online Casino for playing in land-based and online casinos for amounts over Rs 25,000

The above said requires Pan Card Information and Pan Card Details.

How To Apply

Application for a Pan Card India can be done by applying online or through authorized UTI Technology Services Ltd (UTITSL) IT PAN Service Centers in all cities or towns where there is an Income Tax office. The list of Pan Card India application centers can be located at the link given below:

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