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PAN card or the Permanent Account Number card has become a necessity these days. It is in fact a compulsory card according to the IT department of India if a person has to file his income tax returns, make an investment or has to do transactions of any kind including investments and finance related. PAN number means a ten digit number which is alphanumeric and comes as a laminated card. It is issued by the Income Tax Department of India.

When one requires a Duplicate Pan Card?

Duplicate Pan Card is the copy of PAN card. Duplicate Pan Card is issued in case one has lost his card or has not received the original card even after requesting for it and the Department sending it across along with certificate of posting.Duplicate Pan Card can also be issued if there are errors in the information provided by the assesse while filling the application form for PAN card also called the 49A form. It may also owe to bring changes in the card like change in name after marriage etc.

In case one has lost his PAN card, he is supposed to pay a small amount of Rs 10/- as a penalty which is later used to laminate the duplicate copy of the PA N card. Similarly, in case, the assesse has filled wrong information or has to bring a change to existing information, the same amount is required to be paid.

Ways of Applying for Duplicate Pan Card

One needs to fill Duplicate Pan Card Form to get another copy of PAN card. Duplicate Pan Card Form is available at the nearest Income Tax Office. Many CAs also keep the same. For online Duplicate PAN Card, there are various websites on internet whose help one can take like and However, applying for online Duplicate PAN Card is not possible. One just needs to apply with two recent photographs, fees of Rs 10 and older PAN card number.

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