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PAN number or the Permanent Account Number is a unique number which is alphanumeric in combination. It is issued to all Indian citizens whose income is more than the basic exemption limit by the Income Tax Department. The responsibility of supervising its issue is on the shoulders of CBDT or the Central Board for Direct Taxes. One can say that the PAN number holds equivalence to the National Identification Number and can be used to prove identity anywhere in India.

It is important to understand that PAN number is unique in nature which means it does not depend upon any change in states or address. The aim ofhaving PAN card is for financial transaction identification. These days one can even check PAN number online.

Importance of PAN number details

Any financial transaction today requires PAN number these days. The Government of India has made a rule that all income tax returns require PAN number details and it is also required for verification and identification of an individual in many cases.
It is important to apply for PAN number, especially if one’s income is more than the basic exemption limit. One can apply for the same before 31 May of any assessment year. Any charitable trust or any person whose income is more than rupees five lack per annum, is required to apply for PAN card.

Ways to Check PAN  Number Details Online

It is not a difficult task to check PAN number details online. There are various websites whose help one can take. However, the most authentic website for checking PAN number details online is As soonas one logs on to the above mentioned link, one would be asked for submitting first name, surname, middle name and Date of birth like information. After filling the information, by clicking on the submit button, PAN number details online can be achieved.

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