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Range code, area code, AO number and AO type are the parameters that make up the AO code. This is a mandatory detail that applicants must enter in their application forms, while applying for a new PAN. You must search for this information for yourself based on certain basic descriptions, as you are likely to get little help from the Income Tax Office for this, unless you are really lucky.

The following steps can be followed by applicants, to get their right AO code that needs to be filled in the PAN application form.

Take your office or residence address as the base and search for your AO code by city. You can refer to the two tables provided at the end of this page.

If you know the details of your Commissioner, Range, Circle or Ward, you can enter the details of your Assessing Officer in the column mentioned right against the Ward/Circle/Range/Commissioner. Details regarding your Assessing Officer can be found from your tax returns that you filed last year, or you can request an Income Tax office official to provide you the details.

Important cities have detailed and unique descriptions against their names, so that candidates can drill down to find out their AO code exactly.

The following two tables give the details of various AO codes, which will help you, as the PAN applicant, to understand which jurisdiction you fall under. The combination of AO code and a PAN need not be the same always. Only the PAN remains the same. The AO code keeps changing as per the IT laws. You can get updated information about AO codes from your nearest Income Tax Office.

TABLE I: Defense Personnel

Applicants in Individual status, who are in the Army/Navy/Air-Force, shall to quote the relevant AO Code as follows:

DESCR. Area Code  AO Type  Range Code AO No.
Army ITO WARD 4(3),GHQ,PNE PNE W 55 3
Navy ITO WARD 26(1)-4 MUM W 11 8
Air-Force ITO WARD 42(2) DEL W 72 2

TABLE II- For applicants in locations other than Mumbai

Applicant status

A.O. Code selection criteria

Individual (P)

If the source of income is

  1. Salary, or a combination including salary,
  2. Income from business or a combination including business income,

A.O. Code should be as per Office address (*)

For all other cases, A.O. Code should be as per Residential address.

Company (C), Firm (F), Association of Persons (Trust) (T), Local Authority (L),
Body of Individuals (B), Association of Persons (A), Hindu Undivided
Family (H), and Artificial Juridical Person (J)

Office address

(*)Note- If the office address is Mumbai, then the AO Code should be selected on the basis of residential address.



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