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Procedure For Pan Card Verification

In this computer and internet age, it is very easy to verify Pan Card. what you need to have is one computer with internet access and you can verify your Pan card just by sitting at home. Stated below are the complete details about Pan Card verification.

  • First of all you need to visit the authorised official websites of NSDL, national securities depository limited or UTIISL, UTI investor services limited.
  • Now, for checking or verification of Pan Card, you need to present 15 digits reference or acknowledgment number. In case you do not have acknowledge number then you can also input your date of birth , name and incorporation/partnership/agreement and trust deed of individuals or association of persons.
  • Once, you submit the information, you will be provided Pan Card confirmation. You will also provide name, date of dispatch, Pan Number. However, you need to write exact spellings of your name or you should type correct date of birth. In case of wrong information, the system will not accept your request and you will be given a text of fake Pan.
  • Once, everything will be done in proper manner, your Pan Card would be verified instantly.
  • For further assistance, you may also call at authorised pan card customer care number.

Important Services

The pan card verification can be done by using three method including screen based, software based and file based verification. Stated below are the complete details about all verification methods.

Screen based verification 

After login, the users can verify maximum number of five Pan Cards in the provided screen. What you need to do is just simply enter the Pan in provided boxes in the screen and just click on submit option. You will be provided response about Pan Details in response pop up screen. However, you may also call on pan card customer care number.

File based verification

Here after login, you need to upload a particular file, having maximum number of one thousands Pan. The official website wills response within 24 hours. However, you need to remember, in case of incorrect format, the system will decline your request. Hence, you should upload files in right format. So, the entity would be downloaded at its convenience that could be more than 15 days.

Software based verification

This service allows you to do online verification of your Pan just by visiting authorised verification web portal via a designated software application. By using this online software, you can easily get verified your Pan card just by sitting at home.

So, for more details, you may also call at authorised pan card customer care number at any point of time.

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